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The Park Lab @ Baylor University

Our research focuses on molecular mechanisms of vascular and neuronal adaptations to physiological stimuli. Our goal is to provide novel insights into identifying molecular targets for prevention of cardiovascular disease and neurodegeneration. We use innovative transdisciplinary approaches including bioinformatics, molecular physiology, cell biology, genetics, and AI-based deep learning strategy. 

Our ongoing projects are: 

  • Fluid shear stress-induced mitochondrial remodeling in the vessel wall

  • EV-linked biomarkers for chronic traumatic encephalopathy and sports-related concussion

  • Cell-to-cell communication between muscle, vessel, and fat cell

  • Cellular mechanism of muscle memory and mitochondrial adaptation

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Our Latest Work

Unidirectional flow enhances mitochondrial remodeling and mitochondrial DNA quality control in a p53-TFAM-dependent fashion. 

Flow-induced endothelial mitochondrial remodeling mitigates mtROS and promotes mtDNA integrity in a p53-dependent manner

Redox Biol. 2022 Apr;50:102252. doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2022.102252.

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